Ultra Fine Stork Needlework Scissors 3 1/2"

Ultra Fine Stork Needlework Scissors 3 1/2"

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(9 reviews)

Item: 123-260A
Type: Scissors
Designer: Allary
Size: 6" x 1"

Stainless steel precision pointed blades with a 1" cutting length.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 04/25/2022 - Love these scissors
Love these scissors. Very comfortable.

from Australia on 09/10/2021 - Ultra fine Stork scissors
Lovely fine sharp points.Great for snipping those pesky loose threads

from Belarus on 04/20/2021
comfortable, soft and very sharp.

from United States on 04/25/2018 - Scissors
These scissors are the perfect size and very sharp. Work great for my cross stitch projects. Highly recommend these scissors.

from United States on 12/18/2016
very stiff to cut with.. kinda sticks.. not real sharp either.. guess you get what you pay for.. so so scissors

from United States on 03/11/2015 - I do not recommend
Broke after about 1 week of use. lucky they were only 6.00 dollars.

from United States on 02/25/2014 - Gift
Love these. I gave them away as a gift. Good price, nice item.

from United States on 01/06/2014 - Great scissors
Love them. They are handy and fit my fingers.

from United States on 12/08/2013 - Very good sharp scissors
I was shocked that these work so well. I bought them to fit in my project box, and they work so much better than I imagined. These scissors make it very easy to snip off extra floss. Amazing quality for the price too.

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