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New Embroidery Patterns

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NBN-11447 Added May 13th
Creative Embroidery - Embroidery Book
by C&T Publishing
$29.96 $26.95
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Create unique projects with all types of embellishments - like lace, vintage linens and hankies, trims and ribbons, buttons of all sorts, and vintage notions - with ideas and techniques to inspire. Embroider and embellish your stashed treasures with 19 project ideas and a robust gallery to get you s... Read more
ZW-2750 Added May 13th
Artful Botanical Embroidery - Embroidery Book
by Zakka Workshop
$22.00 $19.79
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Stitch your way through the seasons! Experiment with pattern and color as you join embroidery artist Alice Makabe on a stitching journey inspired by the art of floral embroidery. Organized by season, you'll find soft, muted motifs to embroider in springtime, refreshing patterns for summer, warm, ric... Read more
HNA-6664 Added May 13th
Pop-Up Embroidery - Embroidery Pattern
by Hachette Books
$25.00 $22.49
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A collection of playful, contemporary designs that introduces a new generation of needle crafters to the charms of raised embroidery Through step-by-step guides, Ashley Denn takes you on a pop-up journey, introducing you to the art of raised embroidery. Your adventure through Pop-up Embroidery begin... Read more
LAN-215 Added May 13th
How to Embroider Texture & Pattern - Embroidery Pattern
by Landauer Publishing
$23.00 $20.69
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Channel your love for the outdoors and build your stitching skills by learning how to embroider stunning textures, patterns, colors, and 3D elements in this must-have guide for both beginner to advanced crafters! Featuring 20 step-by-step embroidery projects of beautiful landscapes, desert canyons, ... Read more
NBN-11528 Added May 12th
More Stunning Stitches for Crazy - Embroidery Book
by C&T Publishing
$29.96 $26.95
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Crazy quilting with 350 more seams! This new collection adds stitch combinations with more height and width to work in tricky spots! Get perfectly spaced crazy quilt stitches and embroidered perfection every time with templates.