Bohin Tapestry Needles Size 28

Designer: Bohin 00870

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Bohin Tapestry Needles Size 28

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Size: 28

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Item: BOH-00870 - Type: Needles.
Exceptionally smooth, high quality needles from France. 6 per package. ships via the U.S. Postal Service to anywhere in the world. Orders to the U.S. typically arrive 3-5 days after we ship.

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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

on 07/10/2019 - Great Service/Great Price!
Bought my Bohin Tapestry Needles here. You can find them other places but I couldnt find a better price anywhere. Came fast. Will buy them again here.

on 05/11/2019
New to these needles and they go through the fabric smoothly

on 04/07/2019 - Best
The best needles for me...just love them, the only one I use

on 04/02/2019 - Exactly what it should be
Been using these needles on 22 count Hardanger with two strands of floss. Needles are easy to thread and sturdy.

on 12/29/2018 - Great needles
I bought the 28 needles and I love them. The eyes are fairly long and easier to thread. I tried DMC 28 but the eye is smaller and if you are using two threads they are difficult.

on 12/06/2018 - Best needles ever
Ordered these for my wife who does a lot of cross stitch. She says best needles she has ever used in all of her years of cross stitching. Excellent service also.

on 11/30/2018 - Good needles.
They are a bit small, or atleast feel small between my fingers. I thought i was going to snap them a few times. They glid through the 32 belfast linen but I was afraid to snap the neddle, that I switched to the Piecemakers. These are good needles, I only used them a few times but felt unsure with them. I do recommend you purchase them, if you are more experienced witg handling needles. I've only cross stitched about 6 months and was insecure about the 28 count needle handling.

on 11/15/2018 - Best needle
This is the best needle ive found yet to use for my cross stitch projects. Prefect.

on 10/29/2018 - good needles for cross stitch

on 10/09/2018 - My favourite!
These are my favourite needles. I never buy anything else anymore!

on 09/05/2018 - Can't go wrong
I also have used many brands of needles. A stitchy friend recommended these to me, so I gave them a try. All I can say is I have a new favorite needle. It has a large eye and simply glides through the fabric.

on 07/29/2018 - The best needles!
I love these needles in all sizes. They're so smooth that they just glide through the fabric. I'm not rough on needles so these last a long time for me.

on 07/18/2018 - Great!
These worked perfectly for cross-stitching.

on 07/02/2018 - Best needles for counted cross stitch
I love Bohin needles. They are perfect for higher count fabric cross stitch projects. I recently replaced all of my needles with Bohin.

on 06/23/2018 - Perfection!
Exactly what I needed and working just beautifully! I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you 123Stitch!

on 04/05/2018

on 03/24/2018 - best needles for 25 count fabric
Love these needles for the fine count fabric.

on 02/07/2018 - Best needles
I have used a variety of needles over the years but BohinAre the very best

on 02/07/2018 - Great needles
I love these Bohin needles. I have used others over the years but these are the best.

on 12/09/2017
Love these needles. I was dissatisfied with the brand I had been using so I ordered the different brands carried here and compared them. Bohin is definitely my favorite.

on 10/25/2017 - Love this!

on 09/25/2017
They are perfect!

on 09/15/2017 - needles
Best ones I've found for my stitching

on 09/05/2017 - Great
Great as always, my go to needle.

on 09/01/2017 - Love these needles - but.....
the rounded tips are so difficult to get under stitches in the back of the piece to end a length of floss. These needles slip through the canvas effortlessly and they are my first choice for stitching. When I am ready to end what I'm stitching and want to run some floss under stitches on the back I switch to a needle with a sharper point so I can get under the stitches. It's a nuisance but worth it because the Bohin needles are so wonderful to use.

on 07/25/2017 - Best needles
Finally tried these needles from hearing other people's reviews. They are now my favorite for counted cross stitching.

on 06/19/2017 - Favorite!
Love these needles for my Cross Stiching!!!

on 04/29/2017 - superb
these are the best needles I have ever encountered--and I have been doing needlework for over 70 years!!!

on 04/18/2017

on 04/16/2017 - New needles
One of the absolutely best purchases I've made. Makes stitching on the 18 count Aida so much easier.

on 04/16/2017 - good needles
always good to have in stash

on 04/16/2017 - Very smooth stitching Needles
My first go with Bohin, I've alwys used John James but decided to give these a whirl

on 03/22/2017
Great, smooth needles

on 03/21/2017
My favorite needle for cross stitch

on 03/02/2017 - Bohin tapestry needle
Best needless

on 02/27/2017 - Very Good Needles
I found these small needles size 28 do not bend with use and the eye does not break. It is a solid product.

on 02/01/2017 - needles
lovin these needles, they are perfect size and just glide through the fabric.

on 01/30/2017 - Bohin Needles Rock
I absolutely love these needles. They are smooth to stitch with and no shredding of threads as you move them through the eye of the needle

on 08/10/2016 - My favorite Needles
I love these needles!!

on 07/29/2016 - On point
These needles are like butter! Smooth and made with quality!

on 02/15/2016
Thread never snags in eye of needle.

on 01/30/2016 - My go to Needles
I have tried many different brands and hands down Bohin is the brand that I prefer. The needles are easy to thread and they are burr free. I do a lot of stitching and haven't had one break on me. Everything I expect from my needles.

on 01/02/2016 - Exceptionally easy to thread
I've decided that I still prefer the durability and feel of gold needles, but if you struggle with threading then these are really an excellent choice. Even in size 28 they are quite easy to thread.

on 11/28/2015 - Best Needle
Easy to thread. smoothly goes though fabric love it all around would buy again.

on 10/18/2015 - Excellent Needles
While shopping for my usual needles I noticed that 123Stitch carries the Bohin needles, so I decided to give them a try. They are nicely made, they move smoothly through my fabric when stitching. I will definitely buy them again.

on 10/10/2015 - Quiet and unassuming
I immediately fell for these needles. They are smooth and feel like they just want to quietly do their work for me. I'll keep them in my arsenal always.

on 10/09/2015 - Great needles
These are the only needles I use now to stitch, so glad I found them.

on 08/25/2015 - Bohan needle review.
Bohin needles are definitely my needle of choice. They seem to last longer then most and glide easily through the fabric. My favorite is the 28 tapestry needle. I make sure to always have some on hand.

on 07/31/2015 - New Favorite Needle
I just love these needles. I was using only petites, but I like the longer length of these. They're very smooth and small enough for 40 and 36 count fabrics. Will only buy these from now on.

on 07/21/2015 - nice needle for 32ct linen
I tried it with 18ct aida and it was quite sturdy enough for that, but for 32ct linen work, it's perfect.

on 04/18/2015 - Best darn needles
These needles are the only ones I use. I tend to stick them between my teeth while changing floss and have yet to bend or break the eye like others have done.

on 04/10/2015

on 03/25/2015 - Very disappointed
Hard to thread with 1 strand of floss!!!!!

on 03/17/2015 - Love these!
Absolutely love these needles and will only be purchasing the Bohin brandfrom now on. Very nice to stitch with because they glide so smoothly through the linen.

on 03/08/2015 - Wonderful needles
These are perfect for my current project -- 36 count, over 2. I need extras because I'm always losing them in the couch!

on 02/24/2015 - 28 Bohin needles
I find these needles to be very smooth and long. The John James needles and DMC needles have gotten short. I have big hands and these are a pleasure to use. I am glad you have them.Nancy ERnst

on 02/22/2015 - My new FAVORITES!!
I've been a long standing, die-hard fan of JJ Tapestry needles, but figured I'd give these a try again when they were on sale last week. Well, I am now a Bohin tapestry needle convert for sure! Cannot believe how nicely these glide through the linen, which is especially nice on higher count fabrics which I love. Highly recommend these!

on 02/18/2015 - Top quality needles!
These are the nicest needles I've used! They're made of hard enough material that I can pull all I want, and not fear bending them!

on 02/04/2015 - Bohin needles
Once I tried these needles, I can't use any others. They are just so nice.

on 01/31/2015
Love these needles! They are great to work with.

on 12/27/2014 - Best needles
I just love stitching with these needles, they are the best. I am so glad I got to know and learn about these needles.

on 08/04/2014 - Bohin Tapestry Hand Needles Size 28
These are great for getting up under the stitches on the back to secure the 1-stranded thread for my "Heaven and Earth Designs" picture.

on 05/21/2014 - Bohin Tapestry Needle 28
These needles are great for stitching on small count fabric over 1. Extremely smooth and slick. They glide through the fabric with ease.

on 04/21/2014 - The best needles I've tried
After dealing with other needles that break and bend at this small size, or have burrs that snag the thread at the eye, I saw someone recommend Bohins. I'd never heard of them, but I decided to give them a try. I love them. None of the above problems I did manage to bend one, but, believe me, it was totally my fault. Once you try these needles for your cross-stitch or embroidery, you'll not want any others.

on 03/31/2014 - Excellent cross stitch needles
I stopped using the cheap needles from discount store assortments. Good needles are inexpensive, and help immeasurably with the work. These needles are excellent for the 14 count Aida cloth that I am working with right now. The blunt tips help open up the holes in the cloth and aid in separating the strands when I do half cross stitches.

on 12/09/2013 - Awesome needles
These needles are smooth and glide through fabric. Of all the needles I have used these are my favorites.