Thread Hopper/Thread Counter
assorted colors)

Thread Hopper/Thread Counter (assorted colors)
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Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: My Big Toe Designs

Thread counters, or thread 'hoppers', are a great tool to add to your needlework bag. The two needles are used for counting over on your fabric. Just anchor one needle, and start counting with the second needle. When you reach a certain number, like 10, 15, or 20, just anchor the second needle. Remove the first needle, 'hop' over the second needle, and count some more! This are fantastic when gridding fabric, counting out from the center, or marking your place. The two needles are held together with colored thread and joined with a beautiful set of beads. Available in assorted colors - pictured Thread Hopper is only an example, colors shown may not be available depending on thread/bead availability. Thread Hopper sold in quantity of 1.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from Canada on 11/02/2023 - Awesome item to have
I have used this a couple of time already to help me confirm my stitch count and it helps so much. It stays with my cross stitch supplies that I always have out now.

from United States on 10/17/2023 - Wish I had taught of this
Good price and I use it!Whether it to measure side to side or top to bottom.

from Canada on 10/14/2023 - Love it
Very helpful tool

from United States on 09/18/2023

from United States on 06/26/2023 - LOVE THE THREAD HOPPER!
The thread hopper is so fun, pretty, and functional! Very useful, I love it!

from United States on 06/19/2023 - Ridiculously useful
OK, it's obviously useful for what it's made for, in a "that seems obvious — why haven't I seen it before" way. But any time you need a spare needle – teasing a knot out of a thread, for example — the thread hopper, with its little bead, will be easy to find, easy to pick up, and easy to use. I just bough another one for a stitching friend.

from United States on 05/15/2023 - I keep losing these!
I have purchased two now and keep misplacing them or they slip out of something I have pinned them into. Very frustrating. Going to order one more time. Big sigh.

from Australia on 05/11/2023 - Thread Hopper
Who knew I neeeded this, now I use it all the time

from United States on 05/08/2023 - Thread Counter
This unique item works well for counting thread. I especially like it to find a specific location as I can count from two directions.

from United States on 04/11/2023 - Good one
Nice tool

from United States on 03/13/2023 - A novel idea
I love the novel idea of this stitch hopper. It is awesome and I would recommend it to others. I have it 5 stars for this reason. However, I would have preferred the thread on the hopper to be a bit longer and the bead to be much larger. That said, the product still works great as is.

from United States on 03/02/2023 - Good to have!
Two needles tied together with a string and fancy bead. Something easily made- but still beautiful and I’m glad I bought it so I can found without loosing my place.

from Canada on 12/17/2022 - Great for counting.
This is a fantastic thread counter to use while cross stitching.....pretty too!

from Canada on 11/29/2022 - So useful
I sometimes like to start my cross stitch projects from the top. I used this Thread Hopper/Counter for the first time in November 2022 and it worked perfectly. Yes, I would recommend this item.

from Australia on 09/27/2022 - So useful
What a simple idea but as I do all counted cross stitch on high count fabrics, it’s perfect.

from United States on 09/08/2022 - Perfect count the first time
No more count, then recount, lose count half way thru, start over, get interrupted, start over. Nope, with these no matter how sharp your eye sight isn’t or how small the count is, your count is right the first time, every time. Mark the beginning and the end, you will know exactly where your starting point is. Stitching is about accuracy. This is the tool. Love it.

from United States on 08/30/2022 - Cool Tool!
I love this new notion so much! I don’t know how I lived without it this long. It makes counting evenweave fabrics a breeze and when using on larger Aida count fabric oh wow!!’

from United States on 08/29/2022 - Perfect Accessory
Love this thread hopper. Perfect for my haeds, helps me count much easier.

from United States on 07/04/2022 - Thread hopper
Wish I would have discovered this when I began cross stitching; really wonderful and easy to use; highly recommend

from Canada on 06/27/2022 - Best Tool
I added one of these to may latest order on a whim. I don't know how I have managed without it! Best tool ever.

from United States on 06/13/2022
I Like it.

from United States on 06/09/2022 - Awesome Crosstitch Tool
How did I live without this tool the last 30 years? It is so easy to use and incredibly helpful in not only keeping count, but in seeing where you are headed. I absolutely love it! Kerry

from United States on 06/08/2022 - GREAT ITEM!!!
I am new to cross stitching and this is the best tool I have. So easy to use when counting over stitches, don't know why I hadn't heard about this sooner.

from United States on 06/03/2022 - Thread Counters
My friend told me about these and said they work great. I bought them and they made a big difference in stitching a large project with lots of thread colors. Love them!

from United States on 04/28/2022 - It just doesn’t work
I don’t like it at all it just doesn’t work for me

from United States on 03/10/2022 - Makes counting so easy
A great notion and addition to your X stitch tools.

from United States on 10/27/2021 - Fun tool
I have never used a thread hopper. I bought it cause it was pretty. After learning how it is used I wonder how I ever lived without one.

from United States on 10/13/2021 - Very handy
I do a lot of counting before I begin a big cross stitch pattern so the MBT-Hopper is great. Much better than recounting if I lose my place.

from United States on 08/05/2021 - I use it frequently
I use this frequently when counting. I like it because it is pretty and with the won't fall through the fabric.

from United States on 03/02/2021 - Great help!
I been using this counting pins everyday. I gave a set to four of my cross stitchers and they all love them!

from United States on 02/08/2021 - A Real Help
I love this tool. The weight between the two needles makes this work great.

from United States on 12/03/2020

from United States on 09/28/2020 - Thread Hopper/Trhead Counter
I saw someone use this on YouTUbe and thought it was a clever idea. I purchased two of these and keep it on my table when stitching. Great device to double check that you are on the same line when items are separated on the chart. Very useful. 123Stitch is a great company to deal with, good customer service and communication.

from United States on 09/03/2020 - Pins
Makes counting so much easier. Love it!

from United States on 07/16/2020 - Highly Recommended
I only just found out about these, what a useful tool! Great at counting from the middle to start a project.

from United States on 04/06/2020 - lovely
purchased 3. they are prettier in person. :)

from United States on 02/23/2020 - These are great !!
I bought two of these, and have used them for marking my place while stitching, and while gridding. I wish I would have known about these years ago.

from United States on 02/02/2020 - Threadhoppers
I took a chance and ordered, I can't stitch without one, now! Help me find my next area to stitch with confidence in my counting.

from United States on 02/02/2020 - pretty and useful, all in one tool
This was the perfect tool to assist with setting up a complex new project, and it's so pretty in my tool box when not in use!

from United States on 01/19/2020 - Great gift !
Love these and think they will make nice gifts for my fellow stitchers.

from United States on 12/30/2019 - Why didnt I think of this?
Omg if you have ever been distracted while trying to count over threads you need this. I cant believe its taken me this long to find this.

from United States on 12/01/2019 - Great helper
Just happened to see this, thought I would try it. Really glad I did...terrific for counting and holding my place

from United States on 12/11/2018 - Handy and Cute!
So nice to have received the color I was hoping for! I think itll prove handy and saved me some time by by not having to recount. Thank you so much 123Stitch for always giving excellent customer service!!!

from United States on 08/04/2018
Love this item. It's really helpful!!

from United States on 11/17/2017 - Sanity Saver!
I used these today to count out my two inch border on 25 Laguna. It was quite hard for me to count even using this aidI dont think I could have done it otherwise. I may even branch out to something other than evenwear, now that I can hop! Ingenious!!

from United States on 04/16/2017
I haven't used these yet in a project, only to try out but I totally think I'm going to like them. And of course they're from My Big Toe Designs

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