Thread Snips (Assorted Colors)

Thread Snips (Assorted Colors)
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Item: 123-7547
Type: Scissors
Designer: Yarn Tree

Sold individually - price is for one thread snip. Handy little Thread Snips measure 4 1/2" long. Color cap to protect the blades. Easy to use and carry in your project bag with no worries of jabbing your fingers because of an open blade. Light weight. White base with assorted color caps.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 11/13/2023 - A Great Pair of Small Scissors
I love these! They are sharp and pointy enough to lift up a misplaced thread, and having a snap-on cap makes it easy to grab them without worrying about where the sharp end is.

from United States on 06/20/2023 - Handy for airplane
I recently flew across country and didn’t want to chance losing my embroidery scissors. The snips have proven very useful in their place

from United States on 04/14/2023 - Thread snips
I loved the idea of these but the pair I got don’t seem to snip very well. The tips don’t seem to come together to make a clean cut. I went back to using my small pair of scissors that I keep in my stitching bin

from United States on 04/03/2023 - Poor quality
Very unhappy with these, cannot even use because they stick. They are going in the trash.

from United States on 03/28/2023 - Light Weight & Perfect
This are just perfect and exactly what I was hoping for. They are light and very sharp. Now I have snips in every place I might need to snip!

from United States on 02/08/2023 - These are great
These work just great. Nice and sharp, small, easy to handle, and the lid stays tight to protect fabric from sharp blades. And a good price. I ordered another already!

from Canada on 01/09/2023 - big disappointment...
I was very surprised to find that the snippit couldn't cut through any had no sharpness at all..completely dull.

from United States on 10/13/2022 - Snips
The ladies love them!😍😍😍😍😍😍

from United States on 10/05/2022 - Thread snips
Very poorly made. Do not cut well at all. Blade very dull. Would not recommend this product.

from United States on 10/13/2021 - New Fave
Bought these snips to carry in my project bag when I’m on the go and I love them! They clip my thread close to my work and I love that they have a cover to keep the ends from poking out of my bag. They do struggle to clip a full 6 strand piece of floss, but work great on my 2 strand working pieces. Bought a second pair as a gift for my sister!

from United States on 03/24/2021 - Already dull?
I purchased these about a month ago, have used them only on two strands of floss and the tips are already dull enough to shred my floss when I try and cut it. If you use further back in the scissor part they are still okay to cut but not as sharp as I would like.

from United States on 01/19/2021 - Sew Simple
This little snippers has become indispensable when I do cross stitching. I cannot believe for how little it cost, it has become so valuable! Clips so close and very easy to use.

from United States on 08/16/2020
these work great when I want to get a close cut to my stitching. I took a star off because they will not get as up close as a small pointy pair of embroidery scissors, but they still are a great tool to have onhand. I'm happy with it.

from United States on 09/10/2019 - Not great
These snips aren't very sharp, so I never got a clean cut. They're very "sticky" in the sense that the snipping itself isn't very smooth, either. I feel like the blades catch on each other. I threw mine out and kept using my old scissors instead. Would not buy again.

from United States on 06/02/2019 - Nice tool
Very sharp and super easy to use. Every needleworker needs one of these. Very portable!

from United States on 04/29/2019 - Great gadget
Great scissors to remove stitches.

from United States on 04/29/2019 - Great gadget
Great scissors to snip thread.

from United States on 03/25/2019 - Review of thread snips asst colors
Work great for what I wanted them for. The only bad part is I ordered 9 pairs hoping to get a variety of colors and all 9 pairs where the same color.

from United States on 03/19/2019 - Color Snips
My first experience using these snips. I absolutely love them. I bought three when they were on sale. They are sharp and easy to use. I have to remember not to lose the top. My only regret is they do not have a hole to attach a tassel or scissor fob.

from United States on 03/14/2019 - Cheap, portable snips
For the price, these snippers are good. They're not the sharpest, so at times they don't cut the thread perfectly. The feel isn't the best either like the blades are getting a bit stuck. The cap and size let these snips work as a good portable option.

from United States on 03/01/2019
I bought a thread snip for each of the ladies in my Auxiliary group 16 ----they loved them. Some are knitters, some do quilting, some cross stitch, and some do embroidery. A great gift!

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Hemline Gold Thread Snips 5"
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5" Pro Series Thread Snips
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Covered Thread Snips 3.75"
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Covered Thread Snip is perfect for all your crafting needs. Premium quality with a comfortable grip will make any type of cutting you do easy and accurate. Great for Needlecrafts, papercrafting and precision cutting.
Tiny Snips Embroidery Scissors - Pink 2.5"
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Snip-Eze Embroidery Snips 4.75" - Pointed Tips
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Short Cut Snips 4.5"
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Spring action cutting reduces hand fatigue. Very pointed tips for accurate snipping in hard to reach places. 140160-1005 is replacing 01-004014J
Tim Holtz Serrated Titanium Mini Snips - 5" Left-Handed
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Tim Holtz Non-Stick Titanium Micro Serrated Mini Snips 5". Excellent cutting on a variety of craft materials, with a small blade for detailed cutting! This package contains one pair of 5 inch mini snips and a cover for the blades.
Rag Quilting Snips 6 1/2"
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Rag Quilting Snips
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Rag Quilt Snips 6 1/2"
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6-1/4" Rag Quilt Snips are excellent for any thick or heavy cutting application. Snips will cut over 64 layers of cotton fabric. Forged out of German grade stainless steel.
Premier Thread Snip Ultra Sharp
by Fiskars
$16.40 $14.75
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Premium grade ultra sharp stainless steel blades cleanly cut ribbon, thread, yarn and multiple layers of fabric. Pointed tips precisely trim in tight spaces. Softgrip touchpoints enhance comfort and control. Patent pending integrated retractable blade guard design protects blades for safe storage and travel.
Embroidery Auto Return Snip 5"
by Heritage Cutlery
$34.50 $31.04
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Lightweight, auto-return action. Curved blade and can be easily stored in a closed position, will not strain spring. Excellent for cutting flush to material and getting into tight spots. Comes with a blade cover and lanyard.
Blunt Tip Snip Eze 4.75"
by Havels
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Rounded blades protect fabric when cutting or snipping threads. Lightweight for quick one-handed pickup. Right-or left-hand.